Culinary Director

Nick O’Leary brings 11 years of culinary experience to Biltwell as the Culinary Director, taking a hands-on approach to his role working across kitchens in all eight restaurants.

Growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, he was surrounded by fresh produce and thanks to his mother’s cooking, developed a connection to real food at an early age.  Craving new adventures in a bigger city, Nick moved to Milwaukee where he pursued a degree in computer programming. D’oh. Yes. Computer programming. But working his way through restaurants to pay for school, he found himself more inspired by the kitchen than cubicle walls and computer screens. He transferred to culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu at Brown College and never looked back.

Some of the most notable restaurants across the Twin Cities are on his resume; Saffron, as sous chef under Sameh Wadi, competing on “Iron Chef of America.” Hotel Minneapolis, Travail and Butcher & The Boar. In 2013, as part-owner and Culinary Director he concepted and opened Borough, Coup d’eta and Marche. Later that year joining Smack Shack as Culinary Director, opening the Chicago location.

Today, at Biltwell, Nick loves to inspire chefs and kitchen managers to be creative with seasonal produce, developing new menus on a regular basis, also looking after financials, purchasing and oversees all culinary matters. Happy in Minneapolis, he feels at home as part of the Biltwell team.